Why does Apple not equip the power button for the AirPods Max

Unlike many hooded headphones on the market – the AirPods Max are not equipped with a power button instead of a power saving mode. This feature makes the device more battery efficient with a duration of up to 20 hours.
Why is Apple not equipping the power button for the AirPods Max?
Apple’s high-end AirPods Max wireless earbuds can cost up to $ 549, but don’t have a power button like other headphones on the market. This leaves some users wondering what to do after they are no longer in use.

However, the device when used again relies on a low power consumption mode to help maintain the usage time up to 20 hours. Besides, tests show that there is no need for AirPods Max to enter Smart Case to reduce battery consumption.

What does Apple explain about this design?
After the launch of the device, Apple also explained quite carefully about this special mechanism of action of the AirPods Max, and the reason why this headset does not need a power button.

According to the Apple support page, the AirPods Max have 3 modes of battery consumption:

Normal mode works when you use AirPods Max to listen to music.
If you remove the headset and put it in the Smart Case, the AirPods Max will immediately switch back to low power mode.
Ultra-low power mode even when user Bluetooth connected and tracking Find My location.
Thus, the headset will automatically switch back to low power mode when you place it anywhere for about 5 minutes without having to turn it off.

The ultra-low power mode is activated when the AirPods Pro are in the Smart Case for about 18 hours, while outside it will be after 72 hours.

So, if you lose your headset, you will have a few more days to find it with Find My via iPhone or iPad.

Smart, dedicated design
Although there is no dedicated power button design, but Apple’s design is also very smart, because you may forget to turn off the power of the headset and put it in the Smart Case.

In particular, with Apple’s design, you do not need to worry about forgetting to power off, because this new line of Apples headphones will automatically switch to low power mode for next use.

In addition, Apple also said that users needing only 5 minutes of charging will give the AirPods Max about 90 minutes of use – this is a very impressive charging speed compared to current competitors.

Thus, with the active link battery saving mode, Apple has removed the power button on the AirPods Max. This is definitely a “breakthrough” in its design. Will this technology be applied by the company to iPhone and iPad devices in the future? Let’s wait together!

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