What special features does the official iOS 14.3 update have?

Recently, Apple has officially released the iOS 14.3 update. As expected, the version focuses on fixing some annoying bugs such as: Battery drain, message notification, performance … Besides, it also brings ProRAW mode to support photography and a series of other features.
ProRAW mode on iOS 14.3 update
Apple has officially released iOS 14.3 update with ProRAW format photography for iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max users. This is the mode that Apple once promised when launching these new iPhones.

Other features in this update include improvements to the Apple TV app, Fitness Plus support, and AirPods Max headphones.

How ProRAW mode works
The iPhone has been able to take pictures in RAW for a long time. To do so is to eliminate all image processing using the original photography application.

However, ProRAW solved the above problem. This is a format that incorporates the original photo application’s automatic image processing, producing beautiful photos that you can instantly post to Facebook. Besides, ProRAW still retains the essence of the flexible processing in the post-production of RAW format.

With iOS 14.3, Apple officially activated the ProRAW format for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, with only these two new iPhones.

After updating iOS 14.3, you should see ProRAW photography can be activated in Apple’s native photography app. Users can enable / disable the ProRAW capture mode in the camera settings or directly from the Camera app.

The focus version fixes some annoying bugs
What’s even better is that this 14.3 update fixes the issue of not receiving notifications when new messages arrive and improves performance issues.

In addition, the Siri application is updated to add hundreds of sounds of animals, musical instruments and vehicles. With this change you can ask Siri how a whale whale, and you will be able to hear a whale’s cry. Interesting, right?

Overall, the iOS 14.3 update not only focuses on bug fixes, but it also brings a lot of useful features to optimize the user experience. Have you updated the version yet?

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