What does Apple’s new iPhone have to offer to attract users?

Admittedly, after the launch of Apple’s new iPhone – the device immediately became the “fever” of the technology market around the world. Although the “Apple Apples” still retains the expensive price, it always owns a strong configuration and stable iOS operating system. Besides, excellent quality camera is also the “advantage” to attract users.
1. Apple’s new iPhones are always attracted
Every launch, Apple always knows how to attract users by new features. Eg:

iPhone 4 has the first “selfie” camera on the front
2013 iPhone 5s introduced Touch ID fingerprint scanning.
iPhone 12 has a bigger screen, faster 5G network connection, and more advanced camera.
In addition, the current iPhone is still “attracted by the quality improvements” of the new version brought by the iOS operating system.

Marketing expert, Katie Martell said, every new phone and the Apple brand represents innovation and “tomorrow” and users love it.

And Katie Martell stressed, “We live in a world where what’s new and what’s next is considered the most valuable.”

2. Always create “fever” when launching
We also often see lines of people lining up in front of Apple Stores hours before the opening of new iPhones – which is rare for Android rivals. The reason is that fans always want to be the first to get a new phone, and at the same time avoid waiting for delayed delivery.

Even this year, in the wake of a pandemic, people are still waiting to buy an iPhone 12 outside of stores in many countries.

Research has shown that, when you think an item is scarce, it spikes your buying rush and makes you decide quickly.

“That just makes you want to click on the“ buy ”order, make you want to place an order and not miss the opportunity. Consumers react almost too strongly to these scarce marketing tactics, ”added Ms. Goldsmith.

3. Using an iPhone is a social experience
As you know, “Apple’s marketing team has done a great job leveraging the social experience around waiting for the iPhone, predicting the iPhone and discussing the iPhone.” This stimulates the curiosity of the user even more.

The news was full of news, lines of people, and signs of scarcity… it was a different experience from any of their other competitors, ”Ms. Martell said.

Although Apple’s new iPhone models do not own the “trendy” design, they have “advantages” in terms of configuration to attract users and maintain the No. 1 position in the market. Despite the “expensive” price, but in return is the performance that makes Android rivals have to learn.

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