TOP 7 notable iOS games that can not be ignored in December 2020

Currently, on the App Store store in December 2020, there are quite a lot of interesting and remarkable iOS games such as tactics, action, role-playing, adventure. Including games such as Clods Wallup, Headland, Prizefighters 2 …
1. Game iOS genre wisdom – Clods Wallup
Clods Wallup is considered a highly challenging game as well as quite difficult to play, you will lead the soil to the end of each game screen.

In the game you have to arrange a reasonable path, avoid prohibited areas as well as avoid other monsters to swallow you.

2. Cookies TD: Idle Tower Defense – strategy game
Cookies TD: Idle Tower Defense is one of the strategy games but full of fun when you focus on placing firing posts to prevent the cookies from escaping from the kitchen.

The game has many different levels and difficulties, very suitable for those who love the Tower Defense genre.

3. Headland – exciting adventure genre
Headland takes you into a dream world of a boy and he must cross the land of his dreams. In the fishing game, kids have to explore, adventure and fight against monsters to complete the final destination.

4. iOS Game: Untold RPG
This is an intellectual and situationally oriented word game, so all you need to do is choose the right actions and thoughts of the game to come up with an appropriate treatment.

That is why you need to know basic English to play Untold RPG. Besides, the story of the game is that when you are swarmed by ships and drifted into a deserted land, from here you will find a way to survive and gather the clues to get out of that land.

5. DEEMO -Reborn- intellectual game with 3D graphics
This is a game with eye-catching 3D graphics. In the game you will control a little girl falling from the sky and lose all her memory. She meets Deemo – a mysterious person playing the piano and from the music and melody gradually forms her memories. The game is also based on the well known “DEEMO” minor with the same name.

6. Prizefighters 2
Similar to the first game, Prizefighters 2 is known as a boxer training game to compete against other players in a very distinctive retro graphic style.

Your character will go from weak to strong and become a master with many different fighting skills, you will also scramble for the belt and defend it by consistently overcoming your opponents.

7. KartRider Rush + Funtap – iOS game racing genre
KartRider is a hot game that can not be ignored in December and last time, most Vietnamese players. The characters in this new game will no longer put water bombs, but switch to kart racing with each other.

Besides, the game has many other racing modes such as racing, Arcade racing, or climbing with other players.

How many games have you experienced in December’s 7 notable iOS games? Each game promises to bring interesting “experiences” from wisdom, adventure and action. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones for reference!

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