TOP 5 useful features on macOS Big Sur operating system

MacOS Big Sur operating system is known as an update “marks” a major overhaul of the interface of Apple on the Mac computer line. Besides the maximum support for the M1 chip it also owns many useful features to optimize the user experience.
1. Optimized battery charging on macOS Big Sur operating system
The battery is arguably the most important part of any MacBook, but battery life will decrease after a period of use.

However in macOS Big Sur – version has brought a new feature to help your battery last longer. This new feature helps reduce the drain on your battery. When Optimized Battery Charge is turned on, it will start learning your daily charging habits.

2. Privacy Notice
The User Privacy Notice on Safari’s start page now has a summary of the number of trackers that have been blocked (for 30 days). This feature also makes it possible to see webpages that have the trackers displayed side by side with the open website.

3. Brand new version interface
The menu bar in macOS Big Sur interface has also been refreshed. The background of the bars is dimmer, no longer prominent on the desktop, when not in use you can completely hide.

The pull-down menu bars also widen the spacing between lines for easier reading. The icons in the menu bar and drop-down menus have both been redesigned, the most notable of which is the battery icon.

This icon now shows details about the remaining battery power. Besides, battery usage history and optimized charging feature are also added to System Preferences.

4. Automatically switch audio on AirPods
For the first time on a Mac, you’ll be able to automatically switch AirPods between your Apple devices. That way, if you’re listening to music on your iPad but want to switch over to video on your Mac, the AirPods automatically switch and connect to your computer with ease.

However, keep in mind that all your devices must be paired with the same iCloud account for the device switching feature to work automatically.

Additionally, it works on all AirPods and Beats Headphones with an Apple H1 chip. This is a fairly new chip that you’ll only find in second-generation AirPods, the AirPods Pro, and other Beats headsets like the Powerbeats Pro.

5. New changed messaging app
The Messages app has a big and necessary update in macOS Big Sur. Thereby, the interface on the message is similar to Messages on iPhone along with interesting new features.

You can pin up to nine message chats and sync them with your iPhone and iPad so you see the same pinned message on all your devices.

Besides 5 useful features on macOS Big Sur operating system – the version also owns other changes such as: Safari is upgraded faster, with more Control Center … If you own a device, don’t forget to update and experience now!

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