To produce the iPhone 12, Apple had to rely on a lot of other companies

You may not know, to produce iPhone 12 from start to finish – Apple has to rely on a lot of companies that “support” components. This is a perfect combination to create quality products that make technology users “admire”.
1. Monitor from Samsung, LG
Despite being a competitor in the smartphone market, Apple depends on Samsung’s supply of OLED panels for its Super Retina XDR display.

In addition to Samsung, Apple also uses LG’s panels, giving their phone one of the strongest quality screens in the world.

2. Bionic A14 processor on iPhone 12
The power of every iPhone 12 comes from Apple’s A14 Bionic chip. This is one of the most advanced smartphone chips and has the fastest processor in the world.

Accordingly, this chip is based on ARM architecture, designed by Apple and manufactured by TSMC – one of the largest companies in Taiwan (China).

3. The camera’s CMOS sensor comes from Sony
iPhone 12 is equipped with 3 powerful cameras and possesses a powerful image sensor from Sony. This image sensor is equipped with optical image stabilization technology, as well as better light capture, improving night shooting performance for the device.

4. iPhone 12 battery is made in China
The battery of the iPhone 12 series is claimed by Apple to help the device run continuously for 15-20 hours. This is a key ingredient in every phone.

Accordingly, Apple has relied on Amperex Technology (Hong Kong, China) to provide the necessary energy for the device to work continuously for a long time.

5. Qualcomm’s 5G antenna
iPhone 12 is the first iPhone generation to come with 5G connectivity. This connection offers much faster network speeds than 4G LTE, resulting in improved uploads and downloads and lower latency.

Accordingly, this 5G antenna component on the iPhone 12 is manufactured by longtime Apple partner – Qualcomm (California, USA). There are also rumors that Apple is producing its own 5G module

6. The iPhone 12 memory chip is made in Japan
According to technology site iFixitixit revealed that the memory chip of iPhone 12 is manufactured by KioxiaKioxia company – a memory maker from Japan.

Currently, the iPhone 12 series is available in 64GB – 256GB with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini, 128GB – 512GB with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Thus, in order to manufacture iPhone 12, Apple has to rely on the supply of components from many different companies while it is responsible for the design. Besides, Apple also creates the optimal combination between hardware and software of the device. What do you think about this?

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