The M1 Mac chip becomes Apple’s “One More Thing” in 2020

Apple in 2020 brought a new technological revolution and ushered in an era of “speed” when launching the M1 Mac chip. Thanks to its superior processing capacity, the device has become “One More Thing” – the core product of the Apple family.
1. Mac chip M1 – the turning point for Apple 2020
There is no denying that Apple launched the M1 Mac chip with significantly faster speeds than the Intel Mac. To make this landmark performance, Apple essentially changed the entire processing architecture of the new Macs.

The difference compared to AMD or Intel chips is that the M1 integrates CPU, GPU and neural engine with RAM into a Silicon board (SoC). Therefore, the processing elements can therefore share the same memory area, minimizing latency and increasing performance.

Accordingly, this architecture is completely different from traditional PCs as RAM is separated into a separate component and even iGPU must use separate memory areas compared to the CPU.

With the Mac M1’s improved performance compared to Mac Intel, Microsoft, Intel / AMD and Windows PC makers will have to think about bringing the SoC to replace the “traditional” chip in use in the future. hybrid.

2. Defeat the Microsoft computer absolutely
Although Apple is not the first company to bring SoC ARM to PC, it is Microsoft, but when it comes to success only Apple can do and demonstrate superior strength compared to Intel.

On the M1 Mac chip the optimized applications run well, and even the emulator mode still works well. Obviously, the full control of the experience from hardware to software has made Apple a step towards knocking out Microsoft earlier.

With this success, the future of the PC industry will change as well. Microsoft, which already understood ARM’s potential benefits, was increasingly forced to keep pace with the Apple family.

At the same time, to catch up with Apple, Microsoft will have to completely change the hardware and software architecture. Accordingly, the structure of the “normal” PCs will also change. Along with that, parts of the motherboard will have to be moved to the chip if Microsoft wants to keep up with the performance of the Apple family.

And to transform chip manufacturers like Intel, AMD and Qualcomm and hardware manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Acer … will have to work closely with Microsoft to create a truly peerless experience. Mac M1 range.

3. Mac chip M1: Opening new technology revolution
Although it accounts for only a small part of sales, the Mac carries an important responsibility to set the stage for Apple’s technological development.

Besides, the Mac is used to develop apps for iOS, watchOS and tvOS and is also the preferred tool of a majority of software engineers, including the Android engineers at Google.

Not to mention, the Mac has always been considered the symbol of designers, video / music makers. Not generating revenue, but the Mac remains the most important and most popular professional tool of the Apple family over the years.

4. Apple is the only name that makes a quality PC
According to IDC data, the arrival of Macs using M1 chips comes at a time when ARM servers are booming with 430% growth in Q3.

Along with that, NVIDIA, a name associated with AI, recently acquired ARM to contribute to increase the position of the GPU server.

Currently, Apple is the only name that creates a quality PC to catch a new trend that opens a perfect technological revolution. That makes the Mac M1 really worthy of the “One More Thing” history of the Apple House in 2020.

Thus the name “One More Thing” in 2020 has officially belonged to the M1 Mac chip, not iPhone 12 or any other product. This also shows a remarkable development in the performance and processing speed of the Apple computer.

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