The good news: iPad 2022 will use OLED screen technology

Recently, Apple has officially spoken about the 2022 iPad generation will use OLED screen technology. Accordingly, the company will choose partners Samsung Display and LG Display to provide high-quality panels for its products.
iPad 2022 will use OLED screen technology
According to internal sources – Apple has decided to adopt OLED panels instead of liquid crystal displays (LCD) from some iPad models in 2022 and it will order from Samsung Display and LG Display.

As such, we will see a hybrid OLED panel, combining flexible and rigid OLED technology, will be created to reduce the thickness of the panel mounted on the iPad. In addition, Samsung Display will supply the first model from 2022 and LG Display will add it from 2023.

Samsung and LG – suppliers of panels to Apple
It is known that panels provided by Samsung and LG use TFE (Thin Film Encapsulation) – this is a thin film coating that helps protect devices. The characteristics of the OLED panel are rigid and use hard glass as a thin film transistor (TFT) substrate.

According to the report, the overall thickness of the OLED panel on the iPad 2022 can be significantly reduced through a film thinner than glass. Samsung Display calls this a UT (Ultra Thin) panel, while LG Display calls it ATO (Advanced Thin OLED).

Currently, Samsung has started preparing the facilities and equipment to manufacture OLED panels for the iPad 2022. Samsung also promises to provide full panels by 2023.

Apple has long intended to roast OLED panels for its devices in order to deliver battery savings and enhanced visibility. Hopefully iPad 2022 will initiate this technology and bring impressive improvements. Let’s wait together!

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