Synthesis of 6 great games on the iPad for children in 2020

Currently, on the App Store store there are many games for children, but not all applications are useful to bring creativity and intelligence development to children.
1. Game Run Sackboy! Tremor
With impressive graphics and simple gameplay, this game will bring an enjoyable experience for babies. In the game, players will help characters have shapes made up of wool to run, collect bubbles and dodge obstacles.

Character’s appearance can be changed by the bubbles you earn, in addition you can use bubbles to power up and buy things in the store.

2. Angry Birds 2 – great game on the iPad for kids
After the success of Angry Birds was released in 2009, more than 10 years after the next version was released and quickly received the love of users with 1 million downloads after half a day of launch.

Angry Birds 2 has the same gameplay as the first version: use drag-and-drop rubber slings to shoot down the tower of green pigs. However, version 2 has added new features. Not only that, the graphics and sound are also greatly upgraded, the impact effects and explosions are more realistic.

3. Fruit Ninja – extremely famous game title
This is a very famous game. All you need to do is cut as many fruit as possible by sliding the screen with your finger in a certain amount of time. Dodge the bombs if you don’t want to lose points.

Fruit Ninja has many game modes so that the player does not get bored. Designed with simple 2.5D graphics, outstanding and fresh colors with pictures of fruits are also very real, from color to shape.

4. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – simulation game
Animal Crossing is a series of games simulating a miniature society, in which players will live in a village of many animals.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp does not have a specific goal for the player, you will live in a specific area, and perform activities such as building your own campsite, collecting items, do small quests, purchase items and decorate your own dwelling.

Initially, you can choose the gender and name your character, buy different clothes, accessories or change hairstyles … Your camping area can decorate, expand and set. Add furniture anywhere.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has really beautiful 3D graphics in a funny cartoon style. The game has beautiful, bright details and eye-catching effects.

5. Rayman Adventures
This game requires players to use their ingenious skills to kill enemies, collect money and rescue their Teensies. However, children over 4 years old can join this fun game.

Under the 2D genre, the game’s image is appreciated and attracts many players around the world. In the game Rayman Adventures, you can play solo or combine with 3 other friends to overcome the challenges.

This is a puzzle game voted as the best game on the iPad in 2018. The game’s plot revolves around a character searching for hidden meanings in every corner of the world. Each picture on the screen does not contain its own meaning, players will have to find a way to explore the relationship between them.

Gorogoa images are not eye-catching 3D graphics, but these illustrations have strange charm. It’s not just a game, it’s also a work of art.

6. Inbento – great game for kids on iPad
Perfect for babies, Inbento is a cute game of cats and bento boxes. The player’s task is to rearrange the food to match the recipe to complete a bento box.

Through each level the level will be increased. The game combines with soothing sounds to create a very cute feeling. Inbento has over 100 levels of play.

Hopefully after this article, you will grasp the good games on iPad for children to stimulate their creativity and intelligence. If you find it interesting and helpful, don’t forget to share it with your parents for reference.

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