Summary of new features on macOS Big Sur 11.1

Apple recently officially released the macOS Big Sur 11.1 update for supported Mac models. The version in addition to focusing on bug fixes also brings some new features such as: Support for AirPods Max, AppleTV + … and other gadgets.
1. iOS / iPadOS App displays better on Mac M1
With the new version of macOS 11.1, Window mode on the Mac when running iOS or iPadOS apps will have the option to open the full screen in landscape mode or in full screen portrait mode.

2.MacOS Big Sur 11.1 supports AirPods Max
If you buy AirPods Max headphones, you must update to this macOS 11.1 before you can use them. With macOS Big Sur 11.1, the AirPods Max will take advantage of all the same features as on iOS and iPadOS.

3. Apple TV +
Now the AppleTV app has a new tab called AppleTV +, where users can follow and watch Apple Original programs.

In addition, if Apple upgrades the search algorithm to help users easily search by categories, genres and movie watching habits.

4. Apple Store on macOS Big Sur 11.1
After updating macOS Big Sur 11.1, users can easily see information about security before deciding to download an app on the Apple Store. This is a must for every developer if they want to put their app on the App Store, then it is imperative that the user’s information be used to run the app.

In addition, when playing games in Apple Arcade, Apple will suggest more good games for us to play, encouraging more use of Apple Arcade.

In addition, there are some other changes such as adding Apple News widget to Notifications Center, supporting Apple ProRAW image format, and Ecosia as default search engine on Mac.

Some bugs still exist:

QuickTime Player may crash.
Bluetooth probably won’t show up in Control Center.
Unlocking your Mac using Apple Watch might not work as expected.
LG UltraFine 5K screen may not display the correct resolution when connected to a Mac M1.

Since its launch, macOS Big Sur 11.1 is the first update of this version. Although there are still some bugs that have not been completely fixed, they also bring new features, improving the user experience. Which change do you like best?

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