Rumor: Two foldable iPhone models are being tested by Apple

According to new information received from analyst Jon Prosser revealed that Apple is in the process of testing two design prototypes of the foldable iPhone.
Two foldable iPhone models are being tested by Apple
Jon Prosser, who makes many accurate predictions about mobile devices yet to come out, has revealed that the first iPhone model will be folded in form with a hinge in the middle similar to Microsoft’s Surface Duo. The second device uses a clamshell design like the Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola Razr.


According to the source, the case designs of these two smartphones are being tested at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen with the main purpose of testing the durability. Besides, the hinge part is also being researched by the company.
In addition, Jon Prosser also said that the folding iPhone will be equipped with an OLED screen supplied by Samsung. However, Apple will not release two smartphones at the same time, instead choosing only one of the two and introduced in September 2022.

A report from Economic Daily shows that Apple is considering using OLED or microLED technology screens for its new smartphones.

According to GizChina, the decision to choose screen technology can affect the manufacturing process of folding devices. microLED is an emerging display technology, enhanced in brightness, color rendering, high contrast and energy efficiency.

Apple has sent a prototype of the product to its partner
Also according to the report, Apple has sent prototypes of the folding iPhone to its two outsourcing partners, Foxconn and New Nikko. Foxconn will be responsible for the assembly, while New Nikko is responsible for the production of hinges for the equipment. This company currently produces hinges for the MacBook.

In addition, before production, Apple has asked Foxconn to carefully check the durability, especially the ability to fold. The MacBook Pro was tested open and closed about 20,000-30,000 times, but the iPhone can fold up 100,000 times.

Before that, a number of reports showed that Apple had planned to order a “large quantity” of new flexible OLED panels from Samsung. Other leaks reveal that Apple has been testing a folding screen for the iPhone from 2019 and will launch the first device next year or 2023.
Folding screen smartphone – trend of the times
Apple is known to be one of the companies that has been interested in folding screen phones for a long time. The company has registered a number of patents on the device, but there are no products officially released, and folding smartphones are expected to be one of the trends of mobile devices in the coming years. Market research firm Strategy Analytics believes that foldable phones are the fastest growing high-end mobile phone market in the next decade.
Rumors about Apple’s folding screen iPhone have been around for a long time, but at the moment Apple has not disclosed any information about this product. However, if this is true, the device will definitely overcome the disadvantages that the Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola RAZR are facing. Let’s wait together!

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