Predicting changes will come on iPhone 13 generation

After the launch of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 generation is becoming Apple’s “focus” and the technology world is interested. Many sources predict that the 2021 version of the Apple house will be equipped with many high-end features such as 120Hz screen, a more compact rabbit ear design and possibly equipped with a fingerprint sensor …
1. Generation iPhone 13 will be equipped with 120Hz screen
Recently a lot of rumors confirmed that the iPhone 13 will use a 120Hz screen. Actually, the iPhone 12 has also been tested by Apple for this component, but due to a battery problem, it cannot meet the need.

The advantage of the 120Hz screen will give you a feeling of smoothness and stability when you swipe, when switching between apps, when you return to the home screen…. Especially for the game, it depends on the game because not all software can take advantage of the 120Hz screen.

2. Smaller design TrueDepth sensor, thinner bezels?
Around September 2020 – Ben Geskin’s Twitter page mentions an iPhone prototype that has been tested by Apple.

If the image below is true, the TrueDepth sensor generation will have a much more compact design than its predecessor, and when it is small enough, the iPhone will remove the notch.

Thus, it is likely that the TrueDepth sensor will be equipped with the iPhone 2021 and if it is true, we will have a smartphone with thin edges that look very nice, like current high-end Android phones.

3. Does iPhone 13 design remove the connection port?
There have been rumors about iPhone 13 dropping the port. According to sources that Apple will switch to wireless charging for its new smartphone model, so there is no need for a Lightning port. Thus, the transfer of data from computer to phone and vice versa will use the machine completely online.

This year, when the iPhone 12 came out, despite a change in design, Apple continued to accept criticism that the iPhone continued to use the Lightning port instead of the USB-C port. USB-C port is the “universal” most today, even iPad, MacBook already use USB-C ports, and each iPhone has not changed.

4. How many versions are there?
According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the iPhone 13 will have 4 sizes like the iPhone 12. So the version will include: iPhone 13 mini 5.4 ″, iPhone 13 6.1 ″, iPhone 13 Pro 6, 1 ″ and iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 ″.

In addition, the design will certainly not change much compared to the iPhone 12, we will have steel borders, square aluminum borders instead of rounded. Unless the new generation of True Depth sensors appears, the probability that Apple will change the design of the iPhone 13 is quite low.

5. Will iPhone 13 generation have a fingerprint sensor?
Will iPhone 13 generation be equipped with fingerprint in the screen, or fingerprint in the power button? Currently, the fingerprint technology in the screen is still not good enough to be able to touch it anywhere.

While the fingerprint sensor in the power button is as smooth and fine as Face ID, it can help during the COVID-19 translation because people still have to wear a mask regularly. So let’s wait and see if Apple improves!

Currently, Apple still keeps all information about the iPhone 13 generation, so the above predictions are only in the form of rumors. Will Apple’s 2021 high-end Flagship be equipped with features such as 120Hz screen, fingerprint sensor … or not? Let’s wait together!

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