Predict 5 features will appear on iPhone 13 version?

According to many sources “leaked” next year Apple will launch iPhone 13 version with many valuable upgrades to optimize the user experience. In addition to increasing 5G connectivity, the device is also expected to equip features such as 120Hz ProMotion screen, ultra-wide angle camera, smaller Notch …
1. ProMotion 120Hz screen on iPhone version 13
There are various rumors about Apple equipping 120Hz ProMotion display on iPhone 12 series. A high refresh rate display has been found in mid-range Android smartphones.

Therefore, many people expect “Apples” will adopt ProMotion 120Hz screen for iPhone 12 series. However, that did not happen when Apple decided to sacrifice this feature to focus on 5G for iPhone generation. this year.

ProMotion 120Hz screen will give a smoother experience in iOS which will bring a better experience to the user.

2. Camera optical zoom higher
Most Android flagships today are equipped with periscope camera systems to provide impressive optical zoom, up to 5x-10x. Although the image quality when zooming will not be very impressive, having 3x to 5x optical zoom on smartphones is very impressive and useful.

Currently, the iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a 2.5x optical zoom sensor, but that is not enough to compete with other Android flagships. Therefore, many users are expecting Apple to equip 5x potential zoom lens on the iPhone 13 Pro Max released next year.

3. Super wide angle camera better
Apple has raised the quality of the 12MP primary camera sensor on the iPhone 12 series. As for the ultra wide-angle lens, they only introduce improvements in software and Dark Mode support.

This means that this year’s iPhone generation has very little improvement in super wide-angle image quality when compared to the iPhone 11. This is not a big deal in bright enough conditions, but it becomes an issue. large when users take low-light photos.

Apple should have used a larger sensor for the super wide-angle camera on the iPhone 12 series. Hopefully this is what Apple plans to do for the iPhone 13 series in 2021, with early rumors suggesting the same thing.

4. The iPhone 13 version will have a more compact notch
Early iPhone 12 rumors suggested these phones could come with a more compact notch, but that ultimately didn’t happen.

When the iPhone X first debuted in 2017, the notch design was criticized by many, but it was still at a reasonable level. However, three years after appearing on the iPhone 12 line, it has made many people an eyesore.

Therefore, Apple really needs to reduce the notch on the screen with the iPhone 13 next year. The reduction of about 20-30% in notch size will make the front of the next iPhone look more attractive.

5. USB-C port
Apple has been rumored to remove the Lightning port to replace USB-C on the iPhone line, as this is an extremely popular connector at the moment.

Apple’s transition to USB-C on the iPhone 13 series will not only provide a better user experience, but also help improve the environment.

Rumor has it that Apple is working on a portless iPhone, but it’s the “Pro” line. As with the standard iPhone 13 models, they are expected to use a USB-C port.

Although it is not until the end of the year that the new iPhone 13 version is officially released, users always expect Apple to “refresh” its super product with high-end features. What changes do you expect?

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