iPhone continues to encounter strange errors when updating to iOS 14.3 version

Apple has officially launched the iOS 14.3 version last December – this update besides fixing bugs also brings many useful features. However, after a few days of release, it continued to encounter hot errors when using FaceTime and Memoji, draining the battery ….
Some bugs when updating to iOS 14.3
According to some users, iOS 14.3 version seems to be better than previous iOS 14.2 updates from Apple. However, this update still contains some bugs.

Some iPhone users have reported that the new iOS 14.3 version is still having issues with notifications. Also according to ZDNet, some users have responded about the iPhone running out of battery quickly after installing iOS 14.3.

According to a recent report from technology blogger on iPhoneTricks, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Xs also experienced a lot of warming while calling FaceTime and using Memoji, after upgrading to iOS 14.3. This situation did not appear when using iOS 14.2.

Cause and temporary fix strange error
Users speculate that this is due to the new FaceTime HD calling feature that Apple recently released through new iOS updates. Meanwhile, the Reddit u / GAntiLight account said I couldn’t open the app after updating the new iOS.

In addition, some users said that restarting the iPhone has helped users overcome the problem of battery drain, overheating on the device.

Additionally, some third-party widgets can drain your iPhone’s battery. Therefore, you try to remove unnecessary widgets on the screen, and see if the problem has been fixed or not.

Follow the advice from blogger page iPhoneTricks with the following treatment:

Users avoid using Memoji during this time
Don’t let the screen get too bright
Do not use iPhone while charging, listening / making phone calls.
Restore iPhone to factory settings

Above are some errors on iPhone after updating to iOS 14.3 version and temporary fixes. Hopefully Apple will solve the above problem soon in the next update. Let’s wait together!

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