IOS 14.4 Beta version is added with many security features by Apple

In addition to focusing on bug fixes and performance improvements, the iOS 14.4 Beta version also adds many security features. This move further confirms that Apple is more and more interested in the privacy of its users. Find out with ShopDunk!
IOS 14.4 Beta version – focus on privacy, security
One of the most notable privacy-related improvements in iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 Beta is that apps will show permission boards before tracking your activity. This allows users to prevent advertisers and app developers from accessing personal data.
This new rule will apply to all apps, including those developed by Apple. To use this feature, go to: Settings> Select Privacy> Tracking and enable the Allow Apps to Request to Track option (allows the app to request tracking).


From now on, every time an app wants to track you, the iPhone will immediately display a warning on the screen, click Allow if you allow tracking.

Despite objections from the app developer
Despite fierce protests from Facebook, Apple CEO Tim Cook still decided to keep his stance on data transparency. Apple has also given a time frame “early next year” for developers to comply with the change.

The screenshot shows the NBA application asking users for permission to track activity, noting that these data will be used to provide personalized advertising experiences. Of course, you can completely agree (Allow) or disagree (Ask app not to track).
Overall, it’s a good move for Apple to force developers to let users know what their data is being collected, and that they have the right to refuse or allow.

How to update iOS 14.4 Beta
To update iOS 14.4 Beta, open the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad and visit, download the corresponding profile and install, then start remake the device.

Next, users just need to go to: Settings> General (general settings)> Software update (software update)> Download & Install (download and install). Note, the size of the update may vary depending on the device you are using.

To minimize possible risks, you should back up all data on your iPhone, iPad via iTunes or iCloud.

On iOS 1, when there is an application using the camera or microphone on the iPhone, the device will immediately display a green or orange warning light in the upper right corner. This gives you control over which apps are spying on you.

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Rarely is a technology company like Apple that always upholds user security measures despite controversy with app developers. So you should immediately update iOS 14.4 Beta version to protect your information and privacy better.

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