Instructions to disable 3 features to extend iPhone battery life

Despite being equipped with powerful configuration and useful features, iPhone battery life is currently the biggest headache for users today. So is there any way to resolve the above situation or not?
1. Turn off Screen time to extend iPhone battery life
Screen time is a feature used to monitor your iPhone at all times, continuously control and analyze the cause of power outages. However, this feature also makes the device run out of battery faster so you should turn it off if it is not necessary.

How to turn it off: Go to Settings> Find corresponding row and inside, at the bottom of your statistics panel, the “Off” button is highlighted in red.

2. Disable GPS
GPS is a positioning feature that connects to satellites for navigation. So if your phone receives GPS signal regularly, it will leak electricity. Therefore, we should restrict GPS access in apps on the device.

To turn off this feature go to: Settings> Privacy> Location Services.

Note: You only turn this feature on again when you need to use it.

3. Turn off the “Hey Siri” feature
Even when you do not have the need to use, the “Hey Siri” feature is continuously connected to the Internet and microphone on the device. So if we turn it off then this is a good way to save on the iPhone.

How to: Go to Settings> Select Siri & Search> Go to “Hear‘ Hey Siri ‘. Alternatively, you can also turn off Siri suggestions.

Above are instructions to disable 3 features to extend iPhone battery life. Hopefully after this article you can use the device more comfortably and remove the worry of running out of battery during the experience. Good luck!

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