Great way to turn off sound on iPhone when taking pictures

Normally, by default, when you take a photo, you will hear the sound on your iPhone. However, this also affects and creates attention to people around.
1. How to turn off the sound on iPhone for Japanese and Korean models
Currently, Japanese and Korean iPhone models have sound when taking pictures. Having camera sound is meant to stop and notify that someone is intruding / taking pictures of your privacy.

So, to turn off the sound when taking pictures with Japanese and Korean iPhones, users will have to use a third-party application called Microsoft Pix Camera.

2. Turn off the sound on iPhone for other models
1. Turn on Silent Mode
Turning on Silent Mode is the simplest way to turn off the camera sound when taking a photo. However, this mode, when turned on, also mutes the sound of incoming messages and calls.

So in order not to miss the calls, messages, after taking pictures, don’t forget to restart this switch to turn the sound back to normal mode!

2. Use the Live Photo feature
Live Photos is a feature that records video in seconds with both sound and sound. So, if you turn on Live Photos, iPhone won’t play the sound when taking a photo.

To turn on the Live Photos feature, just tap the circle icon in the top center of the screen and wait for it to turn yellow.

Also, after taking a photo with Live Photo, you can use the photo as a regular photo or export it as a video if you want.

3. Use headphones when taking pictures
Another way to turn off the sound on the iPhone when taking a picture is by using a headset. Before taking a photo, connect a wired headset or a wireless headset. Thus, only you can hear the sound emitted when taking pictures.

4. Use the Assistive Touch tool
Step 1: Go to Settings> Select Accessibility. Under Physical ang Motor, select Touch.

Step 2: Select Assistive Touch. Here, you choose Customize Top Level Menu (Customize Top Level Menu).

Step 3: Next, press the “-” button to reduce the number of icons on Assistive Touch as you like.

Step 4: At the last icon, click on the icon on the screen, select Mute to complete.

It can be seen that Apple’s Flagship possesses many impressive features and configurations that bring the ability to take pictures “professionally”. However, the sound on the iPhone when taking pictures is annoying. So, please apply the above techniques to overcome!

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