Everything about the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Note 20 Ultra 5G is still a typical example of Samsung’s familiar formula with the Note line in recent years: using the hardware of the Galaxy S launched just before, slightly improved and put on “wings”. square, masculine, do not forget to add the S Pen.

The name Ultra (roughly translated: extreme) first appeared on Samsung phones since the Galaxy S20 launched earlier this year. This is also the first time Samsung has used the Ultra suffix on the Galaxy Note series. Ultra can be understood as pushing all the configuration parameters to the “top” level that comes with the “super huge” camera cluster, and of course, the price is also at the “top”.

Is the “ultra” on the price of Note 20 Ultra 5G worthy of what this machine owns?
Design with the front inherited from Note 10, the back has changed
The Note series has always been oversized phones and with the Note 20 Ultra, this tradition continues to be inherited. The first feeling when holding this machine in your hand is the “super huge” size. Indeed, with a screen up to 6.9 inches, almost on par with a mini tablet, Note 20 Ultra has become one of the flagship smartphones with the largest screen currently.

Basically, if viewed from the front, Note 20 Ultra will be very difficult to distinguish from Note 10 or Note 10+. The main difference comes from the compact “mole” selfie camera or a slightly thinner chin.

Camera “kitchen” is probably the biggest controversial point on the Note 20 Ultra. Although it has been redesigned, looks more eye-catching and neat than the “magnetic stove” cluster that appeared on the S20 Ultra before, but it cannot be denied that it makes the machine look like a “lump” on the back.

The largest screen in the Note line, the quality is true but expected, but there is a regrettable “Achilles heel”
With a large screen up to 6.9 inches, thin bezels, Note 20 Ultra offers an eye-catching experience. Content comes up vividly, instantly with common tasks such as browsing the web, surfing and taking full advantage of when watching videos, plowing movies or playing games.

The virtual keyboard typing is also very comfortable thanks to the spacious area. The display quality of the Note 20 Ultra is as expected with vivid colors, sharpness, good detail, high brightness, wide viewing angle, and smooth scrolling effect.

In terms of sound, Note 20 Ultra is still equipped with dual speaker system with speakerphone cum 2nd external speaker, creating multi-channel stereo effect. The machine has a large volume, clear, not distorted, even when maximized. The clear multichannel sound effect is very useful when playing shooting games like PUGB or COD Mobile, helping to determine the direction of bullets effectively.

The S Pen is faster, more real, many new gestures, still the most powerful weapon of the Note line
The S Pen, a specialty on the Note line, retains the same design as before. Despite the different screen sizes, the S Pen on the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra is exactly the same. You can swap these 2 pens between 2 machines without any problems. Even the S Pen on Note 20 can be used with Note10 / Note 10+.

In fact, experience shows that the S Pen on Note 20 Ultra gives a very impressive writing feeling. “Virtual ink” comes out almost instantly when the tip of the pen touches across the screen. Thanks to that, taking notes, drawing, sketching becomes much more natural.

In short, if you like to draw and write notes on your phone, Note 20 Ultra is the best (and only) option you can search today.

Camera “corrects” from the S20 Ultra, focus has quickly returned
In the design of Note 20 Ultra, the point that many people complain the most is that the rear camera cluster is too large and protruding much, looking unbalanced. However, in terms of experience, such “massive” physical camera cluster is good news, promising to hide “terrorist” hardware inside.

And indeed, the camera cluster “kitchen” of Note 20 Ultra owns the parameters of the current “roof top” with the main 108MP camera and 12MP ultra wide-angle camera inherited from the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the potential telephoto camera. to 12MP, not 48MP as in the S-series brother.

In fact, the laser sensor was the right decision for Samsung. If before, the 108MP camera on the S20 Ultra was complained for the slow focusing speed, especially when shooting close-ups or in low light, with Note 20 Ultra everything has been overcome. It focuses quickly and accurately even when the subject is moving continuously or in low light.

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