Attendance for some new features in iOS 14.3

In addition to focusing on fixing annoying bugs, Apple has recently added a lot of new features on its iOS 14.3 version. One of the biggest changes is the ability to format ProRAW photos for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max and support for AirPods Max …
1. Camera & Photos changed on iOS 14.3
1.1. Apple ProRAW image format
Apple ProRAW image format includes algorithms for noise reduction, light, Deep Fusion, HDR … in a photo to help you edit photos with more beautiful details and more art. Currently, Apple has also provided APIs for external applications that can read ProRAW for post-production editing.

After updating to iOS 14.3, you need to open ProRAW in Settings> Camera> choose Picture Format (Formats).

Every time you open the camera application, the upper right hand will have room for you to choose to turn on / off ProRAW capture. However, you do not have to always open it because taking ProRAW format will consume a lot of space. So whichever sheet you really need ProRAW for for photo editing, turn it on.

1.2. Mirror selfie photo feature
For a long time, the mirror front camera flip feature has been available on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X. Selfies are not flipped to the eye.

To enable / disable this feature go to: Settings> Select Camera.
2. Support AirPods Max on iOS version 14.3
IOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 are versions that support the newly released AirPods Max, so if you buy the AirPods Max, you must update to use it.

3. Apple Fitness + service
IOS 14.3 version officially supports Fitness + – this is Apple’s new fitness and sports service with a variety of exercises such as: Yoga, Indoor cycling, Core, Hit, Cycling, Rolling, Cool down, …

Users will practice through the trainer watching on iPhone / iPad / TV in conjunction with Apple Watch. At the same time, you can also track heart rate indicators, calories during exercise displayed on the screen.

The Apple Fitness + feature is in the Fitness app on a separate tab, or in Apple’s Apple One plan. Fitness + price is quite high – 10 USD / month or 80 USD / year. If anyone buys a new Apple Watch, they can use Fitness + for free within 3 months.

To use Fitness + you need to use iPhone 6s and above, which are devices that have iOS / iPadOS 14 and Apple Watch Series 3 and above. Currently, the Fitness + service package is not available in Vietnam

4. Privacy App Store – enhanced privacy
On the App Store, app developers must add details about security information, for example, must tell the user what data the app will track, this data is not for the user to more intuitive and decide whether to download. app or not. This update will enhance security for app users.

5. Health application (Health)
The health app now monitors the pregnancy cycle, recognizes when to release milk. Or in the menstrual tracking section to help women know more about the right time to avoid pregnancy.

6. Weather on iOS 14.3
IOS 14.3 update adds air pollution index through the application of Weather (Weather), Maps and Siri in China.

In addition, Apple also updated health advice if the air condition is polluting for countries such as the United States, Great Britain, Germany, India, Mexico ….

7. Bugs & bug fixes on iOS 14.3
Fix the hot machine status on iPhone 12.
Fix not receive MMS messages
Fix the error of losing the name of the contact person
Fix video display error when sharing in Photos app
Fixed an issue where opening the app when searching from Spotlight
Fix Bluetooth error in Settings
Fix slow charging error on MagSafe Duo
Error using VoiceOver to add Reminders list (reminders), the keyboard is lost
Error on camera sometimes still black screen, load slowly when switching from shooting to video recording tab or portrait capture.

Above are some of the new features that are paying attention on iOS 14.3. If you are using a supported device, do not ignore this important update to experience and fix all the above errors!

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