Apple may launch a foldable iPhone in 2022

Recently, a report from DigiTimes said that Apple may launch a foldable iPhone in 2022. If this information becomes true, competitors such as Samsung, Huawei will face great challenges.
Maybe the foldable iPhone will launch in 2022
Today, there are a number of folding screen smartphones on the market from many different brands, such as Samsung, Motorola and Chinese smartphone manufacturers …

Besides, some devices have screens that fold inward, others fold outwards. However, they all share the same idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning a compact device into a phablet with a larger screen.

For “Apple Disability” – the company’s first folding screen iPhone that many people often call the iPhone Flip. Also according to the new leak confirmed, Apple will launch a foldable iPhone in 2022 and create a big challenge for competitors.

OLED screen technology takes the throne
The DigiTimes report also adds – OLED screen technology has been applied a lot on smartphones. Therefore, display manufacturers such as LG Display, Samsung Display and Japan Display benefit.

This may be the reason why Apple decided to include OLED screens for all of its new iPhone models in the future.

Previous sources also revealed, Apple has held a number of patents related to the foldable iPhone. In addition, reports also reveal the design of the foldable iPhone will be similar to the iPhone 11, but the device comes with two different screens attached to a hinge in the center.

Whether Apple will launch a foldable iPhone in 2022 is still a mystery. However, if Apple is to focus on this market, it will be good news for many iFan. Are you looking forward to it?

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