A collection of 12 applications on the iPhone should be downloaded in 2021

As you know, on the Apple Store store there are many useful apps to support the user experience better. Understand that in today’s article ShopDunk will synthesize you 12 applications on the iPhone should download in 2021. Let’s follow along!
1. Widgetsmith app on iPhone
With iOS 14, Apple allows users to easily customize the look of the iPhone with widgets and custom application icon sets.

One of the most compelling names when it comes to these changes is Widgetsmith. This application allows users to add images, text and more.

2. Libby – an application for reading e-books
Libby is an application that allows users to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from a local library for free right on their phones.

In addition, Libby is also an e-reader, so users can use it to replace specialized devices like the Kindle.

3. TikTok
TikTok is currently one of the largest social networking applications in the world thanks to the fever of short video content. TikTok’s secret to success lies in its ability to suggest fun and accurate content to users.

4. Tweetbot – great app on iPhone
Tweetbot is an app that uses Twitter more than the Twitter app itself. This app shows tweets from people you follow chronologically.

Tweetbot also completely removes advertising information or sponsored tweets, along with a powerful filter so that users no longer have to see the unwanted applications.

5. Paprika Recipe Manager
If you are a culinary enthusiast, Paprika Recipe Manager will be an indispensable application on your phone. This application helps users to manage simple recipes, and extremely handy. Imagine Paprika Recipe Manager as your own cookbook.

6. Halide Camera
The camera on the iPhone is getting better and better, thanks in large part to the artificial intelligence algorithms. Apps like Halide Camera even take the camera on the iPhone to the next level.

Halide Camera supports all of Apple’s latest shooting features, including the ProRAW format of the iPhone 12 Pro.

7. Darkroom
Photography is only part of the problem, post-production is also extremely important for you to have a great photo. Darkroom is one of the best photo editing apps out there. It supports both RAW and ProRAW formats and allows batch editing of images.

8. Authy – account protection application on iPhone
Authy is the app you’ll want to use to ensure all of your Internet accounts are secure. It helps organize and manage all of your authentication codes for two-factor security steps.

9. Lastpass / 1Password
Lastpass / 1Password has long been one of the best password management apps that anyone should install on their phone.

10. Microsoft Outlook
Apple’s default Mail app is not appreciated with a boring user interface and lousy Gmail support. Outlook is currently one of the best email clients on iOS with many useful features, a fast user interface, and supported by Microsoft.

11. Google Maps
Since its launch, Apple Maps has been constantly improving, but to be honest, it is still far behind Google Maps.

12. Google Photos – an application to store photos on iPhone
Apple Photos is Apple’s default photo app and you won’t be able to replace it because this is where the image is saved as soon as it is captured.

Google Photos will stop allowing users to store unlimited free images from 1/6/2021. However, it still allows users 15 GB of storage for free (excluding videos and photos previously uploaded). That’s why Google Photos is still worth more than Apple Photos with 5 GB of free storage.

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