5 tips can not be ignored when using shortcut shortcuts on iPhone

You may not know yet, the shortcut shortcut on the iPhone brings a lot of utilities for users such as: Find out fast GIFs, take pictures hands-free, create photo collage … Besides, it also automatically activates saving mode battery for the device.
1. Find GIFs by shortcut shortcut on iPhone
Search GIPHY and Share shortcut keys help you quickly find GIFs to share or comment on social networks. This tool is very useful for those who use Facebook on the iPhone!

2. Quickly call the contact in the phonebook
Speed ​​Dial is a quick shortcut that allows you to create icons on the home screen of your iPhone. This way you can quickly call your crush, lover or loved one. You can also customize the images displayed on the icon variety, animated according to your preferences.

3. Shortcut to create photo collage quickly
Photo Grid is a shortcut that allows you to quickly collage photos with the photos selected from the camera roll. You can also share the results easily on social networking platforms like Facebook, Zalo …

4. Take a hands-free photo with Siri request
The Say Cheese shortcut can help you ask Siri to take hands-free photos, which is handy if you need to take a group photo or use a tripod. From iOS 13 onwards, you can call Siri, say “Say Cheese” and the device will automatically take a photo instead of having to use your hand as before.

5. Automatically activate energy saving mode
Intelligent Power is a shortcut that automatically activates battery saving mode when your battery is below a certain% level. In addition, it also adds the feature to reduce the screen brightness to a minimum, disconnect connections except for calling function … for your phone to “hold” until the last minute.

Hopefully after this article you will grasp 5 tips when using shortcut shortcuts on iPhone to make the device experience more convenient. Don’t forget to share the article with your loved ones for reference!

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