5 super convenient tips when using iPhone that you should know

As you know, Apple’s iOS operating system always brings useful features for iPhone users to be faster and more efficient. However, there are some tips that many long-time loyal iFan may not be able to grasp such as: using magnifier, hiding photos, surfing Tiktok without touching the phone.
1. Quickly create a signature or insert text
Quickly create a signature or insert text is a very useful feature on the iPhone that you can use in case you need to sign a folded document but don’t have a printer or scan. Doing:

Step 1: Prepare a piece of text that you want to sign or insert text into. Then take the screen again and choose to edit the newly captured photo in the corner of the screen.

Step 2: Then you select the signature, at this time you will sign your name with your finger in the black area and add this signature to the text.

Step 3: Finally, align and put your signature right where you want to put it. Then save it as an image file or a PDF file.

2. Bedtime feature when using iPhone
Bedtime feature is located in the Clock application, this feature helps you become regularly on time, providing stable health for yourself. At the same time, they will automatically remind you every day at bedtime, and set an alarm at waking time.

To enable the feature you do:

Step 1: Go to the Clock app> Select Bedtime.

Step 2: Then click on the schedule and flip the switch for the bedtime schedule feature. Next you begin to set a goal of bedtime as I set 8 hours here.

Step 3: Here you proceed to choose your own bedtime and wake-up time to set up. Alternatively, you can set it up for yourself, or just choose everything from Monday to Sunday.

3. Use the magnifying glass on the iPhone
This feature is very helpful for those who need to emphasize in photos that you want.

Step 1: To use the magnifying glass on your iPhone, access edit photos that you need to press.

Step 2: Next, you select the magnifying glass and emphasize where you want.

4. Hide / hide photos on iPhone
Here’s one way you can hide photos that are extremely helpful and difficult to find by outsiders. Also can use a note can also set a password for the desired photo.

Step 1: Access the note and edit a new note.

Step 2: Next, select the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and choose to add photos or videos.

Step 3: Finally you choose to add the photos you want to save, then click Add. Then, go back to Photo Album and delete all those photos. Also, you can set a note password for more safety.

5. Control iPhone without touching the screen
Maybe you do not know, you can completely control your iPhone without touch. With this feature you will completely control your iPhone with your voice. Tiktok application example.

Step 1: Go to Settings> go to accessibility section. Then, you enter the voice tag and open the voice tag in it.

Step 2: Continue to choose to customize commands and create new orders

Step 3: Finally, you will follow the gesture as you swipe up Tiktok. Then you choose to save to save the gesture. Now you can control Tiktok without touching.

With the ownership and use of iPhone – Smart Flagship of Apple, grasping the above “utility” tips will definitely help you maximize during the experience. Besides, it also saves you more time.

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