5 super convenient features for professional iPhone use

The iOS operating system has many attractive “hidden” features that few people know. So to use the professional iPhone you need to grasp utilities such as: Scan documents, timer music off, device voice control yet?
1. Screen reader feature on iPhone
One of the features few people pay attention to on the iOS operating system is the screen reading. In fact, Apple is equipped with features for the visually impaired, making it easier for them to receive information.

However, currently in Vietnam does not have this feature, so you can use it to practice listening or pronunciation practice is also quite interesting.

To open this feature, go to: Settings> Select Ease of Access> Read Content> Turn on Screen Reader. Also you can activate this feature by swiping the screen down with 2 fingers.

2. Scan document using iPhone
You may not know yet, but with the Notes application on the iPhone, you can completely scan documents, images … quickly and clearly. This feature will help save time, convenience and ease of use without the need for a scanner.

3. Schedule to turn off music without installing additional applications
Step 1: To turn on this feature, you swipe up from the bottom to open Control Center> select the Timer icon> Then adjust the time that you want to turn off the music.

Step 2: Select When timer ends, scroll down to the bottom and select Stop playing. Press Start to run the countdown timer.

4. Use voice to control iPhone
With this feature you can control your iPhone with just your voice. In addition, users can edit text when dictating, navigate with voice commands and gestures, and view numbers or names next to elements on the screen.

With this feature, you do not need to touch the screen but can still control everything through Siri.

5. Use a professional iPhone with only half the screen
This half-screen feature is called Reach, and all apps on the screen will be minimized to the bottom half to aid one-handed use.

This makes apps easier to access, especially if you’re just using it with one hand and your iPhone is too big.)

To activate the Reach feature you do by going to: Settings> Select Ease of Access> Touch> turn on the Reach feature.

To activate it you can swipe down to the bottom of the screen. Then, the new interface on the iPhone will be reduced to the bottom half of the screen for you to comfortably use with one hand. If you want to go back to the old screen, you touch the top half of the screen or swipe back up from the bottom.

Thus, to use the iPhone professionally in addition to the features that Apple introduced in the new update, you also need to explore some “hidden” gadgets. Hopefully following the above article, users will get a more optimal experience with their devices.

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