5 settings to do right after owning a new Apple Watch

Thanks to these convenient features – Apple’s smartwatch is becoming an indispensable accessory for tech users.
1. Set up fall detection on your new Apple Watch
Fall Detection-Fall detection has been available since Apple Watch Series 4 and later. This feature will automatically detect if you slip or fall.

In case you do not respond to the notification within 10 seconds and the device will automatically notify your emergency contact.

2. Use the ECG function
The ECG (heart rate measurement) function on the Apple Watch really saves lives. While many other wearables on the market may offer an ECG, the experience is not as reliable as what the Apple Watch does to users.

3. Connect Apple Watch to iPhone
After buying a new Apple Watch, the first thing you need to do is connect it to your iPhone so that you can sync up to receive calls, messages …

The connection is quite simple, just start the Watch app on the iPhone. Then click on the My Watches tab and then click on the Pair new watch option and then follow the instructions.

4. Set up hand wash detection
Hand wash detection is one of the newest features available on watchOS 7. Accordingly, when Apple Watch runs watchOS 7, it will display a countdown timer, helping you wash your hands exactly 20 seconds.

In addition, there is a touch response and sound that makes hand washing more natural, without the user having to stare at the screen to see if the time is up.

The hand washing feature on watchOS 7 is fully automated by default, so you don’t need to open any apps to get started. The system will recognize the sound of soap and water when you rub your hands. The combination of these sounds and hand movements will trigger a countdown timer and signal the end.

5. Protect your hearing
You can also use the Apple Watch to protect your hearing. The device detects the level of ambient noise and it can automatically alert you when too high ambient sound levels can damage your hearing.

To get notifications about ambient noise levels on your Apple Watch, you’ll first need to set up a noise level app on it.

Above are 5 settings to do right after owning a new Apple Watch to optimize the user experience of the device better. Besides, please update WatchOS 7 and discover interesting features! Good luck!

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