After 2 months of launch, the iPhone 12 generation has made a strong “impression” in the technology market. According to data from Counterpoint Research revealed that Apple’s new Flagship had 16% market share of 5G devices in October. This also shows that it is the best-selling smartphone model in 2020, […]

In addition to the advancements in performance and 5G connectivity technology, the iPhone 12’s rear camera is also an important “highlight” of Apple’s upgrade this time. Is the image processing better than the iPhone 11? 1. iPhone 12 rear camera in daylight conditions In bright enough conditions, the photo quality […]

Admittedly, after the launch of Apple’s new iPhone – the device immediately became the “fever” of the technology market around the world. Although the “Apple Apples” still retains the expensive price, it always owns a strong configuration and stable iOS operating system. Besides, excellent quality camera is also the “advantage” […]

Thanks to these convenient features – Apple’s smartwatch is becoming an indispensable accessory for tech users. 1. Set up fall detection on your new Apple Watch Fall Detection-Fall detection has been available since Apple Watch Series 4 and later. This feature will automatically detect if you slip or fall. In […]